The Manchester puppy may be little and adorable, but he has big ideas about himself and his life with you. He is willing to be the leader and the boss. If you haven't decided to be the leader, he will simply take over! The Manchester puppy needs firm and consistent direction from you. This does not mean harsh or physical correction, but you must calmly persevere! This can be more difficult than you might think because he is such a charmer and a clown that the temptation is to let him get away with anything. But, once he realizes that he cannot change your mind, his love and respect for you will motivate him to try to accommodate you.

Ch. Tempest Sense & Sensibility 'Austen' CD, RE, CGC going BOV from the Bred By Class to finish his championship at 12 months of age. (Click To Enlarge)
Thanks to Betty Hodges of Rosewood Kennels for making this beautiful boy possible

It is important to decide on his privileges and restrictions as a member of your household while he is young. Will he sleep in bed with you? Under the covers? That is his first choice of a sleeping spot, and that's where my eight cuties are every night. Will he be on the sofa with you? Mine are. How else can they be touching me?! Will he be allowed to soil the house because it's raining or snowing or blowing? Will he be allowed to demand food from you when you're eating? Or, better yet, just charm you out of a few morsels? Will he bark as often and as long as he wants to? Will he be allowed to ignore you when you call him? Every wise Manchester owner decides these issues before they bring a Manchester puppy home.

Your Manchester may be in the Toy group of the AKC, but he is all Terrier! He enjoys chasing mice, squirrels, birds, deer, turkeys, rabbits, moths, spiders, and bugs in general. If it moves, he will want to touch it, taste it, pounce on it. Manchesters love to run, fetch balls or frisbees, chase and be chased. It is wonderful to see how much they enjoy and experience the everyday world that we tend to take for granted. How can I be grumpy in the morning when 8 pairs of Manchester eyes see so much joy and excitement in the new day?! When he is young, be careful with his jumping from heights. He has no idea that his growing bones can be broken by leaping off a high bed or from your arms. As a loving owner, you must temper his Super Terrier attitude.

Manchesters have short coats of hair which are not thick or double as in some short-coated breeds. In winter they need sweaters and coats. Their thin ears may become frostbitten if they are left outside in very cold weather too long. When it is under 30 degrees, they generally want to get their business over outside and return to the warm house. Just because they are small and shorthaired does not mean that they cannot be housebroken. I begin housebreaking my puppies at 5 weeks of age. They are well on their way to being very clean housedogs by the time they go to their new homes. Their early puppyhood consists of frequent trips outside during the day, with positive reinforcement and praise, plus periods of crate time to learn bladder control.

It is important to obtain your Manchester Terrier from a reputable breeder so that you know that the puppy who is going to steal your heart away is healthy. A good breeder can provide you with information on your puppy's genetic background, and should help you with all aspects of making your puppy a successful member of your household. A good breeder will have kept your puppy very clean, facilitating house-training. And, the breeder should have arranged for your puppy to experience many different situations, such as children, other dogs, noises, etc. Don't get a puppy who has spent most of his life in a cage.

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