To keep your Manchester healthy, proper nutrition is a must. They have high energy needs. Their nutritional requirements cannot be met by dog foods sold in the supermarket. Lesser quality ingredients are used to keep the prices low, and this lack of quality will show up in your Manchester's coat and general health. I recommend foods high in protein and fat that are preserved naturally. All my dogs eat growth (puppy) or performance formulas all their lives. A good rule of thumb is that 2 of the 3 first ingredients on the dog food's list of ingredients should be from meat sources. All my dogs are fed twice a day. I feel better when I eat more than once a day, and my dogs do, too.

Ch. Tempest Great Expectations "Dickens". (Click To Enlarge)
Thanks to Betty Hodges of Rosewood Kennels for making this beautiful boy possible

Grooming your Manchester is easy. They shed minimally. Mine are bathed according to how much time they have spent outside. Since they sleep with me, I don't want them smelling like dirt. You must trim their toenails frequently to keep their feet in good shape. I recommend clipping or grinding their nails at least once every two weeks. They will try to convince you that they will die from nail clipping, but you must be strong and persevere! Small dogs tend to have more dental problems. It is a good idea to brush your dog's teeth daily to keep their mouths healthy and their breath sweet. I use a chicken flavored toothpaste for dogs which mine actually enjoy now.

Not only are Manchesters wonderful companions, but they also do well in many canine sports. Many Manchesters love to compete in the show ring, in the agility ring or playing flyball. They can do well in obedience, but their sense of humor and mischievousness can keep them from earning high scores. They focus on the FUN in obedience instead of the precision. There is even a Manchester Terrier in New Jersey who does official search and rescue work. Manchesters also like the new AKC recognized sport of going to ground after prey, and they will race with sight hounds if they are given the opportunity.

Most Manchesters also love to ride in the car, and they are excellent travelling companions. Some of my Manchesters have served as canine ambassadors in a local nursing home. They can easily be taken into a wide variety of situations, helping the elderly and sick or troubled children.

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