Be very cautious of getting your Manchester Terrier from a web site or another source where you do not meet the breeder nor see the puppy’s living conditions.  Puppy mills and many unscrupulous people mass producing low quality puppies for money are using fancy web sites to market what from their view point is a cheap and easy product.  You will spend about the same amount of money as you would with a reputable breeder. However, there is no assurance that your pup was provided with the necessary conditions to help make him a wonderful, healthy companion for you and your family for his lifetime.

Ch. Tempest Sense And Sensibility 'Austen' CD, RE, CGC (Click Picture To Enlarge)
Thanks to Betty Hodges of Rosewood Kennels for making this beautiful boy possible

Canine behaviorists acknowledge a crucial window of socialization for puppies from the age of four to sixteen weeks.  During this period puppies need to be exposed to many different environments and individuals, otherwise they may become fearful or aggressive adults.

When you meet with the breeder, some important points to consider are:


  1. Does the breeder invest a good amount of time in the puppies?  Or, were they left alone, not socialized to play in their own urine and poop all day?  Unsocialized puppies will become difficult adults.  Puppies kept in unclean conditions will be hard to housebreak.
  2. Were the puppies taken away from the breeder’s premises to a variety of environments to meet a variety of people?  If not, they may be socially and mentally retarded as adults.
  3. Were the puppies raised with the breeder’s family in a main part of the home or were they shunted off to a kennel building, garage or basement?  Puppies need to be with people and the everyday noises of home life in order to become excellent companions.  Avoid breeders who keep their dogs outside all the time.  Little human interaction creates dogs who do not care much about people and will be difficult to train.
  4. Were the puppies weaned onto good quality premium puppy food or the bones and raw food diet?  Were they properly vaccinated and provided any necessary health care?  Do not buy from breeders who skimp on providing quality food and health support that may lead to eventual health problems.  Do the puppies and parents look healthy?
  5. Are the puppies, parents and environment clean?  This is an easy indication of the breeder’s care and love for her Manchesters.  Also, clean dogs want to stay clean and they will be easier to housebreak.
  6. Does the breeder use a contract that clearly states her guarantee for the puppy and your responsibilities?  Avoid anyone who is more interested in receiving your money than in the kind of home you will provide for the puppy.  Breeders who really care about their puppies want to place them in the best homes possible.  The best breeders will assess each puppy’s personality and look for a home that matches each personality.
  7. Avoid breeders who let their puppies leave their mothers and siblings before seven weeks of age!  Puppies removed from their families prematurely will not relate normally to other dogs as adults.  Many quality breeders of toy dogs do not allow them to go to their new homes until they are ten to sixteen weeks old.


Choose a breeder whom you personally like.  You should be able to call the breeder at any time during your Manchester’s lifetime for advice and counsel.  It’s always easier to work with someone with whom you have a rapport.


Finally, choose a breeder that shows you by her behavior, explanations and questions to you that she genuinely loves the puppies she is responsible for having brought into the world.



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